Sold! Pomona Condo Sold for Over Asking!

Sold in 5 days with multiple offers above asking! This seller lives in Michigan and found me online. She and her husband purchased this condo about 10 years ago and had been leasing it for years, the current tenant was moving out and they wanted to sell it now that the market is so hot but was worried about not being in California while selling the house. 

She called me on a Sunday at noon and I was able to meet the tenant to collect keys from the them at 3pm that same day and inspect the property for her to make sure that the tenant hadn’t done any damage to the unit. We quickly listed it, found a buyer and coordinated everything for them so that they felt at ease while in escrow even though they were thousands of miles away. 

Who you hire to sell your home matters, let us help you buy or sell your home and let us handle all of the details for you! 

Contact us at to see how much your home would sell for if you listed it today. This is a completely free service that we provide!



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