Foreclosure Timeline


The timeline displayed here is typical in a California non-judicial foreclosure. The foreclosure timeline does not begin until the lender feels they have exhausted all avenues for curing the payment delinquency.  

Normally, this happens after the borrower has missed 3 monthly mortgage payments. 

The borrower has probably been contacted by the lender several times prior to beginning the foreclosure process. The official foreclosure process then begins by the lender contacting a Trustee and instructing them to file a Notice of Default.

If you or someone you know is facing difficulties with making their mortgage payments please reach out to us. We can help with non-sale options such as Loan Modifacations or alternate financing options that will allow you to stay in your home. Whatever you do, please don’t let the bank foreclose on your home! We can help!

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Article from Pacific Coast Title


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